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Ukraine High-Level Experts Meeting

Beyond the Horizon ISSG will organize a High-Level Experts Meeting in non-public online format on 17 March at 15:00 CET. The meeting will serve to better evaluate the course the conflict takes in Ukraine and its repercussions on the future of the country, the region, and on transatlantic Alliance. Beyond the Horizon ISSG will translate discussion points into a brief that will inform policy at various levels to include EU and NATO.

The discussions that will feature high-level experts from civil society and international organizations will centre more precisely on the following questions:

– What is the status quo in the conflict?

– What are the probable scenarios for subsequent Russian actions?

– What do all those scenarios mean for the region and the transatlantic alliance and what can be done to mitigate/counter impact?

If you wish to join the meeting, please send an email to

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