Guideline for Contributors

Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies Group is a non-partisan, independent, and non-profit think tank. The mission of Beyond the Horizon is to promote global peace and security by empowering decision- and policy-makers with knowledge and advocating paths to prevent, mitigate or end crises and conflicts. We believe in the value of field experience and the necessity to synthesize academic work with realities on the ground. That is why we enlist experts in security theory and practice.

Our website is the platform we use as interface between us and our clients and general public.   In line with our mission, through this platform we disseminate research offering in-depth analyses, insight and realistic policies about chronic and emerging security challenges, crises, conflicts, and war. For a better understanding of the matters covered, please consult our research in our website and our quarterly journal, Horizon Insights which can be downloaded free of charge below products tab.


If you think your work is aligned with our publishing policies and the subjects we cover, manuscript or formerly published work, please feel free to share with us. As we take on the mission of promoting global peace and security, we believe in the need of good works to resonate from different corners. Multiplication of sound advice will certainly multiply effect.

We are also asking for unsolicited manuscripts between 5.000-10.000 words including notes and references. The manuscripts should include an abstract, an introduction contextualizing your work, showing what your work adds to the literature, chapters where you develop your arguments and a conclusion. Both abstract and conclusion should be commensurate with the text in length and content.

We accept manuscripts in British English using APA 6th edition referencing style. Please leave  1″ margin on all sides and use double-space between lines and Helvetica 11 as the font. Main heading and chapter headings should be in bold, each word capitalized. We do not want indentions in the text but rather spacing between paragraphs. Your figures and tables within the text should be submitted in a separate word or excel file as well. We encourage them to be in tones of blue in accordance with our logo. In any case we retain the right to make changes in the appearance of your tables and graphics. We encourage you to have your manuscript checked by a native English speaker before submitting in order to avoid needless loss of time.

Your manuscripts are checked primarily for suitability of the content with the journal’s publishing policies, originality of the ideas and academic rigour. If found appropriate they are sent to a technical editing process which ensures basic editing processes like spelling and line editing. Then the articles are forwarded to our editors to provide a broad overall assessment pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, flagging specific problem areas, and providing general suggestions for improvement. During this process, we retain the right to make changes in your text and headings during all those editorial processes. You may also be asked to make revisions for multiple times. We appreciate your patience.

All manuscript submissions should be made at info@behorizon.org. You should also add other material you want to send, your CV highlighting your academic profile and a short biography of 130 words maximum. The same email address can be used for general inquiries also.

If you think your work should be published in our journal, Horizon Insights please consult https://behorizon.org/guidelines-for-contributors/. 


We disseminate commentaries on our website on our expertise areas. These are sometimes thought-provoking commentaries depending on the author’s personal experience and expertise whereas most others are tailored to catch up trending or sensitive issues that require attention. They are short in length when compared to research, ranging between 500-2000 words. Based on their nature, editing process is much quicker than research. After an initial technical editing process your commentary proposals are examined by the relevant directorate. Depending on the time-sensitivity of the issue we publish your contributions in three business days.

Book Reviews 

We welcome reviews of books that are recent and important dealing with security and defense. Among many, especially subjects dealing with current problems Europe faces like migration, terrorism and radicalization are especially encouraged.

The reviews should not be a summary of the book. But they should succeed the following:

An initial paragraph describing the book and its author.

  • A paragraph presenting the main argument of the author. This paragraph should also show in what ways the book contributes to the literature or the niche it fills within its field.
  • Two paragraphs maximum summarizing the content of the book.
  • A paragraph noting what the book succeeds well.
  • A paragraph noting what the book fails to succeed despite being promised.
  • A concluding paragraph including a general assessment to include remarks made hereto and recommendations based on its stated purpose.

The reviews are subject to the conditions described above for the manuscript except for the length. The submitted book reviews should be 1000 words maximum. We also welcome your suggestions about the books to be reviewed with justifications of why you deem it is important. We do not guarantee that we will review the book suggested.

We do not pay our reviewers. But they are allowed to keep the book they reviewed. If you are willing to suggest a book for review or want to be one of our reviewers, please send us your short biography at info@behorizon.org.



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