Beyond the Horizon ISSG PROJECTS

We develop and employ innovative and sustainable solutions on societal challenges by making a combination of research, innovation and action projects in collaboration with selected partners.



All-in-one 4 HER


All-in-one 4 HER is a project funded by European Social Fund and the Flemish government. It aims to develop a fast-track integration model for Highly Educated Refugees into the Flemish labour market.


EDUCAT8 + text Logo Beyond the Horizon ISSG Project

EDUC8 is an interdisciplinary, multi-track project conceptualized to build resilience in children and young people against radicalisation and polarisation in secondary schools and out-of-school settings.


Supermentor cover 2021

Super-mentor is an ESF and Flemish Government funded project which aims to develop an online training (MOOC) for mentors who support jobseekers with migrant background to find a job in Flanders.



ORIENT8 is a smart social mentoring program supported by smart digital tools and tailored activities. It smartly pairs newly arrived third-country nationals (newcomers) with the volunteer members of the local community in order to help them overcome daily difficulties at the early stage of their integration process.



TRANSFORM(Fland)ERS is an ESF project co-funded by the Flemish Government. It aims to develop a blended training programme for the non-technical executives of the public and private enterprises on two important digital competencies required for the age of digitisation: AI-Centric Transformation and Cybersecurity Risk Management.

Breaking the ISIS Brand

Beyond the Horizon ISSG PROJECTS

Breaking the ISIS Brand Project makes in-depth video interviews with ISIS and al Shabaab returnees, defectors and prisoners, which are used to create counter-narrative materials with violent extremist and terrorist insiders denouncing the group as un-Islamic, corrupt and ruthless.


Beyond the Horizon ISSG PROJECTS

Mentor+ is focused on designing an intervention of non-formal education, offering the mentoring methodology to engage, connect and empower young people in conflict with the law. The main idea is to use law-abiding adults to support juveniles in the process of developing positive attitudes and behaviours. Mentor+ is also focused on digitalisation.

Alliance for Responsible AI

Alliance for Responsible AI

We aim to help the creation of artificial intelligence that improves individual and collective wellbeing without being a threat. Our mission is to provide peace of mind in Artificial Intelligence and guarantee a safe, fair artificial intelligence that ensures respect for human autonomy.