Youth Mentoring Programme to Prevent Juvenile Offending

Mentor+ is focused on designing an intervention of non-formal education, offering the mentoring methodology to engage, connect and empower young people in conflict with the law. The main idea is to use law-abiding adults to support juveniles in the process of developing positive attitudes and behaviours. Mentor+ is also focused on digitalisation. We want to develop a mobile application to support the coordination of the mentoring processes. A low-cost solution that brings flexibility and scalability potential to the project results. Adding digital technology and creating an electronic dimension of mentoring it is our priority to have an impact on the logistical part of the mentoring processes: electronic communication enables mentoring relationships to transcend geographical and temporal boundaries, enabling mentoring facilities to be extended to those formerly unable to access them.

Project Dates:1 March 2022 – 28 February 2025

Involved staff:
Onur Sultan (Project Coordinator)
Ayhan Eker (Financial Manager)

Related focus areas:

Fighting Crime and Terrorism
Democracy & Rule of Law

Funder: ERASMUS +


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Project Events

12/5/2022 Kick-off meeting with the partnership 

Project Partners

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Beyond the Horizon ISSG (Belgium)

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APROXIMAR (Portugal)

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Athens Lifelong Learning Institute (Greece)

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Vis Juventum Association (Romania)

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European Association for Social Innovation (Romania)

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De Touter Vzw (Belgium)

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