1. Burden Sharing at NATO and the Battle of 2 Percent
  2. Russian A2AD Strategy and Its Implications for NATO
  3. Fighting Terrorism Through an Effective Bureaucracy
  4. New threats – different response: EU and NATO and Somali piracy
  5. Why Upcoming Convention Will Not Solve Trans-Caspian Pipeline Problem
  6. A humanitarian mission in line with human rights? Assessing Sophia, the EU’s naval response to the migration crisis
  7. Structural Synergies of Power and Australia’s Policy of Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers
  8. 2017 Piracy Assessment and Avoidance Methods from Piracy Attacks
  9. The Future of Political Warfare: Russia, The West, And the Coming Age of Global Digital Competition
  10. Efficiency and Relevance of EU-NATO Operations in the Mediterranean as a Cure for Irregular Immigration
  11. Fighting a non-Muslim and a Muslim enemy: What changed for Lebanese Hezbollah?
  12. Post-Daesh Challenges for Europe
  13. A Study Over Middle Eastern Irregular Immigration Flows to Europe: Challenges, Sea-based Efforts and EU-Turkey Readmission Agreement
  14. A Comparative Study of “Russian Political Warfare against the West and the Western (NATO & EU) Counteractions”
  15. Maritime Disputes in South/East China Sea from Military Aspect
  16. What Comes After ISIS: A Sociological Analysis of Radicalisation Into Violent Extremism
  17. How can’t ISIS re-emerge? Weak states and Post-ISIS Challenges
  18. Integration of EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) with NATO
  19. A distractor or a catalyst for a chain reaction for more violence in Levant? Kurdish Referendum under Scrutiny
  20. Taxonomy of Hybrid Warfare: A Perceptional Analysis
  21. More Than a Defense Acquisition-Turkey’s S-400 Quest
  22. Conflict Escalation on the Korean Peninsula or Space for Dialogue in President Trump Era?
  23. Russian Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Change Analysis (1990-2016)
  24. Saudi Arabia-Iran Rivalry and the ISIS
  25. Foreign Military Involvement in Iraq And Syria
  26. Turkey is Playing its S-400 Cards Again!
  27. Question of Upgrading Security in Kosovo: Transformation of Kosovo Security Force (KSF)
  28. What is The Problem of Modern Armies with Insurgency and How Can Paramilitary Forces Help Us Defeat Insurgents?
  29. Macron and France’s Relations with Sub-Saharan Africa
  30. Economic Inequality as A Cause for Escalation in Populist Votes
  31. Why Didn’t the Removal of the Dictators Work and Why is Negotiating with Them a Better Option for Democracy to Arabs?
  32. The Forthcoming Kurdish State and Its Potential Consequences
  33. Technology and War Strategy
  34. Resurgence of International Terrorist Organizations in the 21st Century
  35. Why the EU and NATO Have Failed to Manage the Ukraine Crisis
  36. Corruption and A Case Study for Albania
  37. The Concise History of the “Caliphate”?
  38. Growing Role of NGOs and the UN
  39. Democracy’s Drift and Tocqueville’s Validity Today: “Democratic Despotism”
  40. The Rise of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  41. What is ISIS? Its Identity and Goals in a Nutshell
  42. A Critique of Hybrid Warfare in the Light of Russia-Ukraine Crisis and Military Strategy
  43. French Influence in Africa (Post-Colonial Period)
  44. Why Terrorism Spreads?
  45. A Critique on How Terrorism Ends: Understanding the Decline and Demise of Terrorist Campaigns
  46. Drivers of the Failure in Management of the Illegal Immigration Crisis in Europe
  47. Dancing with the Bear: Evaluating Possible S-400 Procurement of Turkey from Missile Defence Perspective
  48. Operational Design of Cyber Warfare
  49. How Deterrent is NATO’S Cyber Posture?
  50. Was the US election hacked?
  51. How Can Turkey and Armenia be Good Neighbours?
  52. French Influence in Africa (Colonial Period)
  53. What Will Be tactical / Equipment Changes and Requirements for Soldiers in the Future Urban Warfare?
  54. Turkey, EU, and the Refugee Crisis
  55. Misconception About Terrorism
  56. Rising Nationalism and the Role of the Leadership
  57. “Fixed Structures and Functionalities” vs. “the Philosophy of Modular Design” in Hybrid Warfare Environment