Integration of Highly Educated Refugees into Flemish Labour Market

Project Summary

According to the researches one third of the immigrants to OECD countries are highly educated. Employment gap between citizens and immigrants differs from one country to another. Most of the highly educated immigrants work overqualified. Immigrants/refugees constitutes a large part of these immigrants. Belgium is the one of the countries where this gap is over the average of EU and OECD. Employment gap raises as the education level raises in Flanders while the opposite was expected.

We see hardships of attaining recognition of diplomas, absence of necessary language ability, lack of information about system and labour market, inadequacy and inefficiency of concrete systems dealing with different cases as the main causes of this huge gap. Our project will mainly focus on highly educated (min. bachelor degree) immigrants/refugees, but we will also target the prospective mentors/coaches from labour market, integration offices, employment agencies as the other part of the possible improvement and solution.




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