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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are profoundly intertwined with  every aspect of our lives, affecting our societies, culture and notably, the notion of democratic governance. Knowledge Technologies for Democracy (KT4D) is a trans-disciplinary project aiming to map the risks posed by these technologies as well as their potential to enhance our democracies. 

KT4D strives to establish clear definitions and guidelines for where and how democracy is placed under threat by AI and big data and provide different solutions, options, and options to the public audience, policy-makers, researchers and software developers in order to achieve a more inclusive civic participation.

The results of KT4D will be tested across three user needs scenarios: 

1) capacity-building for citizens and citizen-facing Civil Society Organisations,

2) devising regulatory tools and services for Policy and CSOs,

3) enhancing awareness of how to develop ethically democratic principles in software development. 

KT4D envisions providing robust, disruptive, ambitious, as well as feasible, and tangible methods that can positively impact how democracy and civic engagement may be not just maintained and defended against fast-changing knowledge technologies. It also aims  to enable different stakeholders to take advantage of the various benefits these technologies may provide regarding community empowerment, social integration, and building trust in institutions and technological tools.

Project dates: February 2023-2026

Involved staff:

Saban Yuksel
Furkan AKAR
Ayhan EKER


Related focus areas:

Democracy & Rule of Law
Disruptive Technologies

Funder: European Commission (Horizon Europe)