Training Super-Mentors for activating jobseekers with migration background

Project Summary


Super-mentor is an ESF and Flemish Government funded project which aims to develop an online training (MOOC) for mentors who support jobseekers with migrant background to find a job in Flanders.

Belgium has one of the highest vacancy rates among the EU member states, and yet it is difficult for jobseekers with a migrant background to find a (suitable) job. Many initiatives have already been taken to solve this problem, and in recent years a lot has been invested in mentoring projects. The results of the first projects are already very promising, and at the same time the practice has revealed a number of challenges.

There is a demand for qualitative, affordable and feasible training for mentors. Examples show that good mentor training attracts quality mentors. Because mentors are often people who like to develop, but also because a mentoring process is not easy and mentors can use training and support. 


Sound training will then not only (i) attract more mentors, it can also be expected to (ii) increase the quality of mentoring, and (iii) prevent premature termination of mentoring processes.

The latter is also important, not only for the experience of both mentor and mentee, but also for optimal return on the cost of matching (mentor-mentee).

For the sake of feasibility and the cost, an online program (MOOC – Massive Open Online Course) will be built. Due to the pandemic, the threshold for online training has now dropped considerably, blended learning will even become the new normal.

The target group for the MOOC will be primarily mentors and mentoring organisations/programs. But from the outset it will be investigated whether, and to what extent, the training can also be used in diversity programs within organizations.


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