Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies Group (ISSG) and Wilfred Martens Centre brings to you the symposium of the year.

New Horizons Symposium 2018 is going to be held on the 22nd of October, in Brussels, Belgium. The topics of discussion for this year’s symposium revolve around “Emerging Trends Reshaping the International Security.” Here is why it would be beneficial for those interested in different areas of political science to attend New Horizons Symposium 2018.

What This Symposium Entails

This distinct platform’s main focus will be on accurately displaying all viewpoints on the emerging trends that are reshaping and transforming international security. This symposium will be host to the senior agency and governmental officials, NGOs, scholars and policymakers. This symposium will give way to panel discussions freely taking place, presentations by the panellists and a chance for networking.

Valued Speakers

Our valued speakers include:

  • Prof. Tanguy Struye de Swielande,
  • Prof. Christopher Coker,
  • Dr. Heather Grabbe,
  • Prof. Tom Sauer,
  • Prof. M. A. Muqtedar Khan,
  • Prof. Michel Liegeois,
  • Prof. Raffaele Marchetti,
  • Prof. Hall GARDNER,
  • Prof. Žiga Turk,
  • Prof. Dr. C.M. Jonker,

Discussion topics

The discussion topics include:

PANEL 1: Discussion on the Collapse of the Liberal World Order

  • Power Vacuums and the Return of Great Power Competition
  • The Rise of Illiberalism
  • The Spurring of a New Arms Race
  • Future of the Fragile States in the International Order

PANEL 2: Discussion on the Expansion of Future Conflict Domains

  • The Role of Non-state Actors in the Future of Global Governance and International Security
  • Return of the Political Warfare
  • Disinformation as a Political Weapon
  • Technology on the frontier of race for Global Domination: Cyberspace, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics

Anyone who is even a least bit interested in such riveting discussions should check out the event page for more details and registration for the event. We highly encourage those interested in International Relations and above-mentioned topics to attend New Horizons Symposium 2018 and listen to experts share their researches. It is truly a great avenue to learn more about Emerging Trends Reshaping the International Security and enhance your understanding about the current political climate.