This project has received funding from the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police under grant agreement No: 871090.

Project Summary

EDUC8 is an interdisciplinary, multi-track project conceptualized to build resilience in children and young people against radicalisation and polarisation in secondary schools and out-of-school settings.

The main outputs of the project will be:

– An education program for secondary schools  that will be embedded onto web- and tablet platforms. The whole program will be structured around storytelling (scenario-based), interactive, and will harness popularity of tablets and their ability to address all three senses (sight, hearing, touch). The program will first raise awareness and then make the youth gain critical capabilities to reject religion-colored violence and adapt to modern daily life in Europe.

-An socialisation program based on contact theory that will entail exchanges between students from different backgrounds. This will be in form of well-planned repetitive social activities.

The project is promising in that it targets the most vulnerable age group, young people. Second, it builds transferrable capacity that can be used in school, prison, social work and other settings. Third, its modular structure makes it easily replicable in all member states (MS) with language adjustment. Fourth, it does not point fingers to Muslims, giving the message that they are seen as risk for the society. Last, the main colour of the project, storytelling is a crucial tool to develop overall personality and an age-old tradition to relate values.


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