The Current Challenges of Lebanon and Repercussions for the Region and Europe

28 June 2021 at 14h00 CET

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Lebanon is facing multiple challenges primarily coming in form of financial and economic depression and political deadlock, that further give birth to other societal and security challenges while enforcing each other. Especially the depression, according to World Bank, can be ranked among the top three most severe crisis episodes globally since the mid-nineteenth century.

Against this backdrop, Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies Group will host a webinar to explore the dire situation in the fragile country and its repercussions on the region and Europe. More, precisely, the discussion will be along four axes:

  1. The political deadlock and prospects for a solution soon,
  2. The size of the economic and financial crisis and repercussions on the Lebanese societal and political landscape,
  3. National and regional security and irregular outbound migration, and finally
  4. The repercussions of the crises in Lebanon to the region and Europe.

The webinar will feature Brigadier General (ret.) Maroun Hitti, former “Special Defense and Military Advisor” to the President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Lebanon; Mr. Obada Al-Ladan, economist and senior producer in the business desk at Dubai -based Al Arabiya; Mr. Ibrahim Jouhari, a senior political analyst and electoral expert based in Lebanon. Onur Sultan, senior research fellow at Beyond the Horizon will moderate the discussion.


Brigadier General (ret) Maroun Hitti

Brigadier General (ret.) Maroun Hitti

Former “Special Defense and Military Advisor” to the President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Lebanon

Brigadier General (ret.) Maroun Hitti served as officer and general for more than 35 years in Lebanese Armed Forces. After his retirement in 2016, he served as “Special Defense and Military Advisor” to the President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Lebanon between June 2017 – January 2020.  Brig.Gen.Hitti was Deputy Chief of Staff for Planning J5 from Sep 2012 until Sep 2016, handling the planning for long & medium-term strategic vision.

Mr. Obada Ladan

Mr. Obada Al-Ladan

Economist and senior producer in the business desk at Dubai-based Al Arabiya

Mr. Obada Ladan is an economic and financial journalist with 18 years of experience covering business strategies and macro-economy, with a special focus on the banking sector and central banks policies in GCC and Lebanon.
He is currently a Senior Producer in the business desk at Al Arabiya based in Dubai, and a regular columnist for Lebanese media services. He previously worked as the Business Editor/Head of Business Department for Alrai newspaper, the leading daily in Kuwait, and as a pundit for several TV channels in the region.

Mr. Ibrahim Jouhari

Mr. Ibrahim Jouhari

Senior political analyst and electoral expert based in Lebanon

Mr. Ibrahim Jouhari is a senior political analyst, electoral expert, and university instructor focused on political science, diplomacy, US foreign policy, and Lebanon history. He has written extensively on various issues on the 128Lebanon website, tackling various issues such as the political causes of the economic crisis, the geopolitical situation in the Middle East, and the political intricacies of the Lebanese system.

Mr. Jouhari is also the manager of the Data Liberation Project focused on publicly publishing the raw electoral data of the previous parliamentary elections of 2018, 2009, and 2005.


Onur Sultan Beyond the Horizon ISSG

Onur Sultan

Director for Terrorism, Conflict and War Department in Beyond the Horizon ISSG



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